Wysong dog food benefits – The complete review

By | December 3, 2013

Wysong dog food is an excellent choice for your dog, their average rating is considered a four-star. However, Wysong has introduced a five-star raw dog food. If it is in your budget, the raw option would be a better choice. Wysong’s range is a non-toxic food and is highly recommended for your dog. When delving further into Wysong’s dog food ingredients, you will notice that the first ingredient is organic meat. Albeit very good meat, it has been weighed in its raw state.

After the drying process, meat can lose up to 80% water; ‘named’ meat meal would have been a better option. It is possible that Wysongs meat content could be lower than stated on the label.

Some of their ranges do not even include any ‘named’ meat meal at all. It is vitally important to buy a dog food that contains meal, particularly at the beginning of the list of ingredients. A lot of commercial dog foods are often ladled with food fractions, colorants, preservatives, additives and much more; Wysong’s range comprises of wholesome foods and nourishing ingredients.

All their formulas are made in the USA.

Is Wysong dog food quality?

Wysong dog food offers an array of exceptionally good quality ranges for a variety of sized dogs. Their packages are currently available in 2lb., 2.5lb., 4lb., 7.5lb., 8 lb., 16lb and 32lb depending which range you want to buy.

Please note that the protein content in Wysong dog food canned range is only 10%, I only recommend adding canned food to your dogs kibble to give extra taste.

Wysong Epigen has to be the best out of all of Wysong’s dog food range. It has a whopping 60% and a 90% protein range, unfortunately all this protein doesn’t come from their meat.

One thing for sure, Wysong is an honest company unlike some companies. They have gone to great lengths to explain where the extra protein has come from on their labels.

The label states that one or more of the following ingredients could be included in their foods, which are potato, corn, rice and wheat.

Therefore, it is possible that Wysong dog food could contain wheat, which will make this range unsuitable for many dogs as it may not be gluten-free.

Epigen’s fish range contains pea protein; peas are fillers and protein enhancers.

Could your dog be allergic to any one of those four listed ingredients?

A dog I recently looked after was sensitive to corn/maize, there was no way I could buy this product for him. This was a shame as Epigen is a near perfect kibble.

Wysong Artchetype raw dog food has a variety of tasty options and is classed as a superior range.

Artchetype has excellent protein content including their Burger range, which comes complete with cold processed raw meats, organs, bones, collagen, prebiotics and probiotics, proteoglycans (chondroitin, glucosamine), and enhanced with phytonutrient and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. All this provides 50% protein. What more could our loving companions want?

Strictly speaking their raw range isn’t raw, but it is considered raw because of Wysongs patented heating process. They use a method called TNT (True-Non-Thermal), which means the food has been cooked at very low temperatures to keep all the vital nutrients intact.

I advocate this brand, it is a superior quality for the price. For more information on Wysong dog food go HERE.

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