For the love of Doggy Dan and his $1 trial

By | August 24, 2014

If you’re like most dog owners, then you’re probably looking for the best dog trainers. It’s often difficult to know which way to turn; this is why I am writing this article to help you out. There are many excellent trainers, but the one I’m rather fond of is Doggy Dan. He has such an awesome gentle spirit.

If you’re not sure which way to turn, then Doggy Dan could be your answer. His site is video based and boasts over 250 comprehensive videos with more being added regularly.

Dan currently offers a 3 day trail for $1, he is so confident that you’ll love his videos and free bonuses. You can check his site out HERE.

Doggy Dan question and answers

For the love of Doggy Dan and his $1 trial

Why a $1 trail?

Dan said he simply wants people to enjoy his hard work. It has taken him over five years to build his site; his video’s offer insight to help people understand their dogs better. So many people struggle reading books, people now prefer to watch how it’s done. By offering a $1 trial, dog owners can simply make their mind up easier.

Are there any hidden costs?

It costs $1 to snoop around Doggy Dan’s site for 3 days. You can browse as much as you want to check out whether it’s for you or not. To get the most out of his site though, it’s wiser to sign up; obviously, you can stay as long or as little as you want. After the trial there will be an option to sign up to Dan’s monthly plan.

At the time of writing this, Dan’s monthly fee is $37; this is a walk in the park (no pun intended). Just to understand how reasonable Dan’s monthly fee is, I recently inquired about hiring a professional dog trainer in my home town; he quoted $60 per hour and there was no literature or videos offered to keep for future reference.

Is there a one to one interaction offered?

There is a free forum for everyone to interact with one another and of course Doggy Dan will be your biggest adviser and supporter. You will not be left alone to defend for yourselves; he will be your biggest fan and helper. To have this sort of help would cost hundreds.

Do people have access to all of Dan’s videos?

The trial offers more than 200 videos and some are downloadable for you to keep. There are however a small amount of videos that aren’t available. These videos are for those people that stay longer, this helps support the costs involved to maintain the website and the hours Dan spends in the forum.

The essence of Doggy Dan’s site

Dan has received an official endorsement from the SPCA in New Zealand (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). They actually promote his site because they know fewer animals are returned back to the shelter.

As you can see the trial is a very generous offer which has become a huge hit. Currently, no other dog trainer offers a $1 try before you buy’. If you’re not familiar with Doggy Dan, then now is the time to take the opportunity to suss him out.Dan’s videos cover everything you’ll need to become a pack leader, training puppies or adult dogs, calming your dog and much more. Every video offers quality content for you to enjoy and participate.

Dan has an exceptional understanding of dogs and people; he is very gentle and caring. His gentleness really shines through on his videos. He has an amazing ability to understand and empathise what dogs are saying and why they behave like they do. You can see straight away that his methods work just by how the dogs respond to him.

Here is a list of some of the videos that are covered on Dan’s site:

  • Dog and people aggression such as dogs being aggressive towards objects and people being aggressive to their dogs
  • Barking for attention, when walking, around the house, in the car, left alone, at the door and much more
  • Your dog running away
  • Separation anxiety or any other type of anxiety
  • Hyperactivity and jumping up and down or on furniture
  • Pulled on the lead when walking
  • To come when called
  • Dealing with fears and phobias
  • Obsessiveness over people and objects

Check out Dog Dan’s online training HERE.

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