Essential puppy training tips you need to know

By | August 24, 2014

Recalling your puppy at the parking is simple in theory. Some puppies respond to the recall other don’t. Some dog owners feel they have no other option but to chase their dog around the park in order to get their pet into the car. This obviously isn’t a good idea; just like children, they will play on the chasing, think it’s funny and think it’s a game. Understandably though, chasing does appear to be the only option, but trust me it isn’t!

Essentially, these puppy training tips for when you’re down the park will keep you in good stead. It’s not that difficult to get a dog to come when you’re out – trust me anyone can recall. There are some simple logical steps to follow; these will be your keys to success.

Puppy training tips and the root of failure

  • Rule number one never chase your puppy, even if he doesn’t come. It’s easy to get it wrong; you call your puppy as you’re walking to him – this is a big no; he will run away if you do this.
  • Never let your puppy off a leash until he can come first time. Should he not come first time ‘ever’, then he stays on a leash period! This is safer for you and your dog.
  • Learn how to get your dog to chase you rather you chase him; this is easy when you know how. It is for this reason you should watch this video by Doggy Dan to help you out a little.

Expert training at your finger tips

As you can see, getting your dog to run after you is an easy technique, it’s one of the best puppy training tips for recall. Sadly, you are not taught these puppy training tips at classes. Doggy Dan can show you everything you need to know on his website, including every other type of training, he currently has 250 comprehensive videos.

Dan has a video diary of his 8 week-old dog Moses; he is now 12 months. Dan shows you step by step of how to raise and train a puppy with his dog Moses. Currently, Dan is offering a £1 trial for 3 days, now is your chance to make the most of all his videos.

Raising a puppy doesn’t need to be painstaking when the right advice can be given straight into your home. Avoid wasting more time on books, schools and expensive one to one trainers. If you’re one of those looking for expert puppy training tips to cure unwanted behaviors, then I recommend Doggy Dan.

If you’re interested step inside to Doggy Dan’s video site HERE.

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