Do the Guinea Pigs Need to Get a Bath?

By | November 1, 2019


Do the Guinea Pigs Need to Get a Bath?

If you are the owner of guinea pigs or if you wish to own a guinea pig, then this info about bathing of guinea pigs would be the helpful one. in general, to be clean always there is a perception that the pet needs to bath often but there is an important thing that has to be understood with the guinea pigs. That they are the animals with low maintenance and there are few methods as well as the procedures for the grooming of the guinea pigs. Bathing is one of the grooming procedures that has to be undergone only under certain conditions and there are the products which are available in the market regarding the best guinea pig shampoo.

Before you get the shampoo for your most beloved guinea pig, assure yourself about the do’s and don’ts of guinea pig bathing because finally you want the animal to be happy as well as healthy. These cute animals need not be bathed often as they can clean themselves and this is the reason why the baths for these guinea pigs are very uncommon. Extreme care to be taken for these guinea pigs as frequent bathing may lead to chilling and the stressed conditions for the animal.

Learn about guinea pigs

Do the Guinea Pigs Need to Get a Bath?

So before you choose the best guinea pig shampoo or the ideal shampoo for the Guinea pig, read all the info regarding the pigs , research a lot and set up the procedure of the bathing in a step wise manner and this will make you hassle free when you wish to bathe your guinea discussed above there are only a few baths which are required and this is because these furry animals have their own natural oils on their cure fur and this will be helping in the maintenance of the vital health of the animal and the minimal cleaning of it.

And one more interesting fact is that they lick to clean the dirt which is on their body and so there is no need to give the extra cleaning process. so these guinea pigs are naturally clean and fresh, thus helping the owner free of worries about their health. The needs of the grooming vary or differ between the guinea pigs which are having long hair and the short hair. To the pint considering the short haired guinea pigs don’t ever need a bathy if their cage is made neat or cleaned properly and this is not the case for the long haired guinea pigs and these need the  bath with the shampoo and the hair should be detangled with the use of the brush and this wi9ll be helping the prevention of the mats which get in around their buttocks.

Precautions to be taken before you start the washing process

Do the Guinea Pigs Need to Get a Bath?

First of all, it is very much necessary to get ready for your pet to get bathed. (note only when the conditions are required and not frequent). Choose the ideal shampoo from the market which is specially made for cleaning of your guinea pig. before the bathing process gets started it is very much important to make the pet to calm down as guinea pigs become more anxious and they get scared when that get placed in water or the container which is filled with water.

Let it relax itself first before you bath it. Take extra care by carrying it softly in a box or a container and make sure the cage is clean first. Let’s not give bathing for more guinea pigs at a time as it may cause hurting to each other while thee procedure of bathing is going on and it will be easier for concentrating one pig at a time.

The step by step process

Do the Guinea Pigs Need to Get a Bath?

  • Decide where you would like to bath your furry animal. Either it is a sink, or it is the bathtub.
  • Arrange towel, shampoo for the guinea pig as well as the cup to pour the water gently
  • Fill the chosen sink or the bathtub with the warm water up to 1.5 inches
  • Place your pet in the bathtub which is filled with water and let it get adjusted itself in the warm water as it is entirely new to the guinea pig.
  • Pour the warm water with the help of the cup and start the application of shampoo.
  • Rinse wit well and ensure there is no shampoo leftover on the body.
  • The shampoo must be kept out of reach of ears as well as the eyes.
  • If its mood is not good, try giving some treats like the lettuce leaf.
  • Dry the guinea pig using towel. hair dryer can be used gently but don’t dry too much.
  • Comb it well and place it in its cage which is cleaned beforehand.

As discussed above about the step by step process, it is always recommended to be kept in mind that they should be given the bathing process only if required and not frequently and if there is any health condition persists such as the infection which is caused by the parasite or the fungus. They even can get caught with the mange mites and the rodent lice. Sometimes the rodent fleas of the dog, cat also make the guinea pigs to suffer.

Check your guinea pig

There are few checks which are essential and also part for the maintenance of good health of the guinea pigs and those are the checking of ears and the eyes. In general, there is a light discharge but if there is more discharge, do check with the vet. And also there should be check for the nails as well as the feet along with the teeth.


Do the Guinea Pigs Need to Get a Bath?

There are many brands of the best guinea pig shampoos available for the wash routine and the formula of the product will be helping in the odour neuralisation and diffusion of the dirt which is loosened as well as removal of it. It also can help in dissolving the oil and there are many online websites where you can order it. Some shampoos are totally tearless and also possess well balanced ph. Some of the shampoos are made with total care and doesn’t add baking soda and thus it will be making the hair or fur of the animal to be fresh and clean.