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Inspirational training with dog tug toys

Investing time and effort using dog tug toys could be an option in training our dogs, predominantly performance dogs. Tugs offer an amazing positive influence, especially with fearful dogs. They can be a great distraction tool, and can aid dogs to overcome fear or difficult situations. When dogs are faced with frightening conditions, they will… Read More »

Detecting and treating diabetes in dogs

Diabetes in dogs is very common, and it isn’t just older dogs that are prone to the disease. All breeds are at risk; however, some dogs are more predisposed than others such as German Shepherds, Springer Spaniels, Cairn Terriers, Miniature Schnauzers, Keeshonds and Poodles. Furthermore, puppies, obese dogs and female dogs are more susceptible to… Read More »

Pros and cons of neutering male dogs

In veterinary terms, neutering male dogs is called an orchiectomy or gonadectomy. To us less veterinarian minded persons; it is called sterilizing, de-sexing, fixing or castrating. In even simpler terms, neutering dogs means both testicles have been removed. There are many reasons why owners have their dogs neutered; the most common reasons are population management,… Read More »

Top facts about wolves, wolfdogs and dogs

Intriguingly, there are plenty of facts about wolves but not enough information about wolf dogs. The current data arising is a result of people becoming extremely fascinated by them over the last few years. Wolves and wolf dogs share many similar characteristics, but what separates them is the wolf’s wild side, their large prey drive, their… Read More »

Wysong dog food benefits – The complete review

Wysong dog food is an excellent choice for your dog, their average rating is considered a four-star. However, Wysong has introduced a five-star raw dog food. If it is in your budget, the raw option would be a better choice. Wysong’s range is a non-toxic food and is highly recommended for your dog. When delving further into Wysong’s dog food ingredients,… Read More »