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Benefits of using a dog training leash

A dog training leash is vital for any dog and is best taught at puppy stage. However, if your dog is an adult, it’s never too late to introduce leash training. If an adult dog has previously been trained via previous owners, then it’s a matter of reintroducing it. A dog training leash is a… Read More »

Be the best pack leader your dog yearns you to be

There are two important factors to consider if you want to the best pack leader for your dog. How you view these following two questions will ultimately have a massive impact on your relationship with your dog. Do you need to be a pack leader? Does being the best pack leader involve aggressiveness? Do you… Read More »

The perfect way to stop dogs digging your garden

So, I hear you when you say, ‘how do I stop dogs digging?’ Some dogs love to do it while others have never thought about it; so why do some love to destroy our beautiful masterpieces and others don’t? May-be this will answer part of your question: – the way we see things is completely… Read More »

Essential puppy training tips you need to know

Recalling your puppy at the parking is simple in theory. Some puppies respond to the recall other don’t. Some dog owners feel they have no other option but to chase their dog around the park in order to get their pet into the car. This obviously isn’t a good idea; just like children, they will… Read More »

Ultimate guide to reading dog body language

Dog body language is unique and very different from our own. Not understanding how your dog communicates with adults, children and other animals can be very frustrating. Reading a dog is actually another language, in fact, just like a foreign language. How do you know what a foreigner is saying if you don’t understand them?… Read More »

5 steps to stop puppy biting forever!

There is a common census among dog owners these days to stop puppy biting, chewing and mouthing, etc. After reading this article you’ll hopefully learn that the training is not done through our eyes, but the puppies. It all comes down to understanding them and how their little minds work. I’ve seen it too often,… Read More »

Costliest mistakes people make with their new puppy

It’s easy to make the same mistake as everyone else, because everyone is doing it, you don’t realize you’re making mistakes. A lot of dog owner’s love enrolling their new puppy into dog training classes or something similar. The concept behind this thinking is to own a well-rounded dog that they can show off to… Read More »

For the love of Doggy Dan and his $1 trial

If you’re like most dog owners, then you’re probably looking for the best dog trainers. It’s often difficult to know which way to turn; this is why I am writing this article to help you out. There are many excellent trainers, but the one I’m rather fond of is Doggy Dan. He has such an… Read More »

The easy way to potty train a puppy

There is nothing worse than waking up to find your new puppy rolling around in his poo! Yuk, disgusting – the first thing you notice is that it’s everywhere, and it’s going to take at least half an hour to clean. You’ve barely opened your eyes and all you can think about is being late… Read More »

Dog jerky treats alert and safer alternatives

When it comes to dog jerky treats, it’s always best to err on the side of caution – meaning don’t buy ready-made. For a while now there has been a steady influx of recalls due to thousands of dogs falling ill and nearly 600 pets having died. This problem stems as far back as 2007,… Read More »