Be the best pack leader your dog yearns you to be

By | August 24, 2014

There are two important factors to consider if you want to the best pack leader for your dog. How you view these following two questions will ultimately have a massive impact on your relationship with your dog.

  1. Do you need to be a pack leader?
  2. Does being the best pack leader involve aggressiveness?

Do you need to be the best pack leader?

Be the best pack leader your dog yearns you to be

Photo by Randy von Liski

In this life, there are followers and leaders, you are one or the other. At some point in your life though, you will have exert yourself as leader even if you’re a born follower. For example, when a woman has a baby, she will need to show the new born child who’s the leader.

However, it’s how you lead that counts; some people lead by being a bully and others lead in love. Leading in love offers a positive, caring, nurturing attitude toward other human beings and all walks of life. This eventually begets companionship, bonding and trust.

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A dog almost instantly recognises who is the pack leader in a home. It would be no different in the wild with a pack of animals. In a dog’s eyes, the leader is a member of the pack and they’re the ones who make the best decisions.

Admittedly, some dogs are more than happy to naturally please; yet, some dogs can be stubborn, very hard work and can give their owners grief.

The dogs that are eager to please are naturally placid or they’ve been trained extremely well from puppy age. These types of dogs will do whatever you ask without questioning you. Often, dog owners with placid natured dogs rarely have to do anything special to get them to do things.

I own a wolf dog; they are naturally stubborn and have a desire to things there way. If these types of dogs are trained well from puppy age, then they can be very good dogs. However, a wolf dog or similar that’s not been trained could potentially be a nightmare. My dog Kaba is lovely, placid and extremely laidback, he can even be lazy if I let him. When I introduced our new stray kitten to him, it took a mere 3 days for them to become best friends, in my eyes this is a miracle.

How pack leadership looks can be deceiving

If you happen to know someone who owns a loving placid dog, then beware of taking their advice because they might’ve never owned a difficult dog. It may appear the owner knows what they’re doing because their dog naturally stands to attention and says ‘YES SIR’.

I will point out though, placidity and aggressiveness are not always connected to breed type; genetics can also be responsible for how a turns out. For example, mixing a Maltese with a Chihuahua can result in a yappy nippy dog.

If you own a difficult dog and he’s not doing as you ask, then your dog is not seeing you as the leader in their life. There is good news though, being the best pack leader is not that difficult, and believe me, it’s not done by bribing your dog, it’s actually much easier than that!

I have discovered an amazing resource which can show you how to become a gentle and loving pack leader the easy way. But, before I get to this point, I’d like to discuss aggressive pack leadership.

Does being the best pack leader involve aggressiveness?

As we’ve discussed above the best pack leaders are calm, loving, firm but fair-minded and never hit or scream. Today, old-school negative leadership has no place in society. This is an aggressive and confrontational approach which only leads to ugly bullying.

The best leadership skills are about winning your dog’s mind with love and favor. This method works with people as well; it’s a calm gentle tactic that doesn’t induce fear. Operant and positive reinforcement methods can easily be done in the comfort of your own home, at the park or anywhere else.

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Dog psychology is amazing, we need to adjust our approach and understand how they think. It’s vital our dogs understand the correct messages otherwise they will be confused. Understanding our pets will instantly defuse aggression and there will be zero fear incorporated.

If you’re having a hard time with training, then the chances are your dog isn’t seeing you as the pack leader.

Becoming the best pack leader…

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Dan’s site clearly demonstrates calm leadership skills and has simple steps in encouraging you to be the best. You will find that there are other training techniques dedicated to raising puppies, health and dealing with unwanted behaviors and much more.

I have personally learned a lot from Doggy Dan and if you’ve read through my site, you’ll know that I only promote operant and positive reinforcement methods. His results speak for themselves and with the $1 trial you’ve nothing to lose.

The offer is generous, you simply can’t go wrong. If you’re interested in being the best pack leader, then I fully endorse Doggy Dan.

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