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Welcome to Gr8CanineDogs Doggy Love!

Gr8CanineDogs is the home of doggy love. The secret to a balanced connection with your animal is to make loving them your goal! One of the Greek words for love is ‘agape’, this literally means selfless sacrifice. Many dog owners unconditionally love their dogs because dogs naturally ooze agape.

We have many articles to show you how to love your dog even more. Some interesting articles are: how to achieve a great balanced dog, training methods that work, development, health, critical analyses of pet foods, choosing the right companion, dog breeds, dog names and much more.Welcome to Gr8CanineDogs - Make Loving Dogs Your Goal!

We’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for when you start browsing. Research is the key to success, avoid cutting those corners and you’ll become successful, even with your fur kids. Be happy on your journey as you learn all the facts about your dog. Let us help you and your dog become champions!

We love Leerburg, Nicole Wilde and Doggy Dan because their strategies work. They have excellent training DVD’s, books and many other products that will last you a lifetime. Other aspiring professional trainers whom Gr8Caninedogs love are Dr. Sophia Yin, Karen Pryor, Ian Dunbar, Doggy Dan and many more.

These trainers are all experts in operant conditioning and positive reconditioning training methods, they never use force, negative or disrespectful coercion. Their teaching is gentle, loving, respectful, inspirational and motivating.

All pet owners all have the potential to be as confident as any professional trainer. Loving and respectful training gives esteem and confidence to our companions and ourselves. This helps our dogs to think for themselves, build communication and positive interaction with their owners and the world around them.

If you’re struggling with training techniques that aren’t working, bin them and use methods that do work! Gr8CanineDogs hopes to inspire you on your venture. Remember, it’s all about having fun as you move forward.